Coby TF-DVD7377

  1. Power on player without a DVD in the tray
  2. Open the tray
  3. Press 1, 3, 7, 9
  4. Wait for the asterisks to go away
  5. Press 0
    • A warning should appear
  6. Press ENTER


  1. The disc tray has to be empty
  2. Open the disc tray
  3. Enter 8, 8, 8, 0
    • the last digit stands for the region
  4. Press ENTER

2nd Alternative (Used in 2010, on a 2009 player )

The first two didn't work for me, however the following did:

  1. Turn machine on
  2. Press setup
  3. Hold on remote fast forward (FF) for about 3 seconds
  4. Press fast reverse «
  5. A debug screen appears, that doesn't mention the region code. Press zoom on the remote.
  6. Pressing zoom pulls up a new debug screen with the region codes. Use the arrows to select 255 for a region code (region free).
  7. Press setup to exit the debug mode
  8. On the regular debug screen, exit normally. You should know be able to play everything.