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The DVP-FX range uses one of a set number of sequences, depending on your model's firmware settings. All the known sequences are listed below and can be tested on your player. One of them will make your player region-free.

When you attempt to play a disc from a foreign region, you'll notice: The player displays "Load Disk" while the DVD spins. After a few seconds the DVD player will display "Wrong Region." However, during a 1 second period before "Wrong Region" is displayed, there's an opening where the chapter select works.

There 'is' a downside, to using the following hack - once the region error is displayed, the DVD player will lock out all controls aside from "Set Up" on the remote.

1. Load the disc into player

2. Power up the player and listen to it spin up

3. Hit 1-enter, 1-enter (or any chapter-enter) at a steady pace

4. The player will skip to the appropriate chapter and begin playing

5. 'Wrong region' will display on the screen and controls will lock out

6. Hit "Set Up" on remote twice to clear the screen

If it does not work, try steps 2-6 again.

It isn't perfect, but it's the best hack around. Since some DVDs insist on going directly to the main menu, the controls are locked out by then. Quite a few others play happily the main feature on Chapter 1.

Failing that, try:

1. Power on the DVD player

2. Open the DVD compartment

3. Quickly tap in the following code using the remote: 2812

4. Highlight the region code

5. Change region code to 9 for region-free using the ENTER button

6. Tap CLEAR to exit


1. Open the DVD lid of the player

2. Press 0 on the remote a couple of times until the "Region Management Test Mode" screen comes up

3. Select the region you want on the remote

4. Do as the menu says and press the pause key to "exit"

5. Close lid and watch your DVD


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