have same problem says upgrading firmware does anyone have a solution to this where are we going wrong?

Me too, this is the exact message I get:

Firmware Upgrade Mode

Current Version: V2.11A

New Version:

Take off the disc and press PLAY key to upgrade.

It won't respond to any kind of input, however, not even to open the tray or turn it off. It's frozen. -K.

I had the same problem. In my case I only burned used the RMTM0000 folder as base for the CD, meaning that the CD only contained a directory SCARLET. When I created a new CD containing the RMTM0000 folder it worked like a charm on a dvx582h dvd player. The file structure was as follows:


have the same problem with the 592, no matter if i burn the SCARLET or the full RMTM0000 folder… is there another way? -R.