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-Oftentimes we have to receive and handle mails, tasks within computer temporarily for instance in travel. That's a problem raised that many email(tasks,​ appointments) received and stored in another computer generally a laptop computer, they can be absent in our major computer, it's bad for many people. 
-Sync Outlook info with Outlook Sync Backup and you will always be current. 
-[[http://​www.outlooksyncbackup.com|Sync outlook between computers]],​ along with Outlook Sync Backup, you can sync all Outlook data between two computers no need a local networking, only with just a your USB drive, like USB flash drive or USB hdd.. 
-Synchronizing Outlook between computers now made simple with Outlook Sync Backup, powerful Microsoft Outlook synchronization software. Sync Outlook individual and public folders. Synchronize Outlook calendar, contacts, email, tasks, notes and Outlook journal between multiple computers without Microsoft Exchange server, Internet connection or Local sites. Clone and synchronize Outlook. pst data file making use of USB drive. Synchronize Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002 and Outlook 2010 automatically. 
-Outlook Sync Backup - the simplest way to synchronize Outlook data between personal folders. Choose either single or multiple folders, with or without subfolders, and synchronize them quickly and effectively. 
-Neitsoft delivers cost effective Outlook solutions regarding personal, business and family use. 


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