So I wanted to change the region code on my HR929N BlueRay/DVD player. In the settings you select the lock symbol and then have to enter the access code. However no default code was set and the obvious ones (0000, 1234, 1111, etc.) did not work. I called LG hotline and the tech told me to go to the lock symbol in settings and enter 210499 (do not hit enter) on the remote. That opened a dialog to enter a new access code and confirm it. Having done that (you cannot use 0000) I was now able to select the region setting option and change the region settings. OR SO I THOUGHT. Because even though the setting was changed to US, it had NO effect on the players ability to play US region DVDs :-( Apparently some firmware upgrade has permanently set the region to Europe. But the existence of the 210499 access code reset, makes me believe that there must be other secret codes available. If you find any, let us all know here.


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