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-SyncBack4all is a powerful, easy-to-use and best file synchronization solution for windows, allowing one to synchronize data files between disks, directories,​ network shares, NAS storage devices and even FTP/SFTP servers. Users are provided with four different product versions - freeware, pro, real time and sync backup - designed for home users, power users, IT professionals and corporations respectively. 
-SyncBack4all provides multiple one-way and two-way data synchronization modes, periodic file synchronization,​ compressed file synchronization,​ background file synchronization,​ real time file sync, and file versioning control, an option to synchronize specific types of files, user-selectable GUI layouts and allows one to define multiple customizable file synchronization commands which makes it very simple to synchronize numerous directories,​ disks or NAS storage devices. [[http://​www.syncback4all.com/​realtime-file-sync.php|Real time file sync]] is a very attractive feature in SyncBack4all. It's fast and efficient. Your file will be synchronized once you first save it. Never ever lost your files! 


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