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 +Philips BPD2180.  ​
 +1. Unit should be on 
 +2. No disk in the unit 
 +3. On the remote press the "​home"​ icon button ​
 +4. Press 1389310 (the zero at the end of this number is '​region free'​) ​
 +Try it a few times if it doesn'​t work at first - you have to be precise with the 
 +numbers entered and they don't come up on the screen. ​
 +To check region when the unit is on 
 +1. No disc in tray 
 +2. Press "​home"​ icon button ​
 +3. Enter 8520 
 +A software list will come up and listed with "​region"​ the number should be zero 
 +(rather than 1, 2, 4 etc). 
 +I just bought this player in Germany and followed above instructions. ​ Worked well and checked with disks from America (region 1 NTSC) and Japan (region 2 NTSC).


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